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32 Fighting the (pretty) good fight
The author of PGP-Pretty Good Privacy for Internet e-mail-faced down federal indictment in order tokeep the package available. Jeff Elliot asks him whether encryption will bring order or chaos.
40 Bigfoot!
Chronicles of the great newsgroup raids, and a talk with the Supreme Commander. By Hal Hill
48 The geopolitics of cyberspace
Does the freedom of the Net encourage or defend against social manipulation? The Internet's future as society's primary marketplace of information raises the stakes. Blake Harris investigates how the relationship between space and power affect the virtual territory of cyberspace.
54 Myths of the Internet
Sometimes as a little knowledge is a dangerous things: recent critics of Internet culture have developed some odd ideas about the way things are, and the way they ought to be. By Michael C.Berch
56 Route 666: transgressing the information superhighway
"instea of dreaming WEst, we are nugded to drea out into yet another final frontier, Cyberspace. Like the American dream, the playing field is supposed to be equalized there...The democratization of information.
Free and equal access for everyone. A new, user-friendly utopia". 
By Putch Tu
60 Adventures in shirtspaces
It isn't Net folklore until it ends up on a T-shirt. But when Joel Furr took on the "Green Card Lawyers", the goig got weird very quickly.
66 In politics, the network is the machine
E-mail organizing may have provided a crucial edge for the 1992 Clinton presidential campaign. By 1996, you can expect a mailbox full of political campaign material as America's political strategists discover the Internet.
Crawford Kilian investigates online campaign rhetoric.
72 Tre's first gig
It's 2049 and limpware engineering and uvvies are the cutting edge. Then Tre Dietze hacked the Perplexing Poultry...Fiction by Rudy Rucker


A guided tour of INFOBAHN by our editor, Michael C.Berch
13 Cruising the infobahn
TinySex...Unauthorized Access...skinheads...the Internet as igloo...ONFOBAHN's no parking zone...Cyberia...worlds in progress.
79 INFOBAHN reviews
88 Flame of he month
Write a (network) program, get a license. By Lynn Van Sant

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Putch Tu photographed by David C. MacKenzie