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Acoustic Space: Media Architecture

Publisher / Label
The center for new media culture RIXC
English, Latvian
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15 The poetics of augmented space: learning from Prada. Lev Manovich
37 An architectural manifesto: 5 points towards a now architecture. Tuomas Toivonen	
42 Idensity®: the architecture of public space. Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Frans Vogelaar
49 Urban drift 2002: from formalism to flux. Francesca Ferguson
53 Small black flies of place-enviroment-space.  Ieva Auzina 
63 Constructing the digital commons. A venture intohibridisation. Eric Kluitenberg
75 Debates & credits. Media art in public domain. Tania Goryucheva
80 Hello, world(about software art with love). Olga Goriunova
85 Campus Karosta.  Karl Biorsmark,Kristine Briede     
   Karosta project. Derek Holzer and Sara Kolster
90 From Cybermohalla diaries.
   Cable. Dheeraj, Dakshinpuri Compughar
   Objects. Babli, LNJP Compughar
   Drank petrol thinking it was water. Dheeraj, Dakshinpuri Compughar
   Telephone. Mehrunnisa, LNJP Compughar
   Transformer. Naseem Bano, LNJP Compughar
   From tube light to Makadi. Yashoda Singh

107 Utopia is the frameless film...Step through it!Graffiting With Location-aware Mobiles. Marc Tuters
116 Vopos: permanent self-surveillance system. 0100101110101101.ORG
118 Data-nudism.Life_sharing interview. Matthew Fuller
127 Unleashing the collective phantoms. Flexible personality, networked resistance. Brian Holmes
133 Psychic war. From electromagnetic pollution...To psychotronic government. Bureau d'Etudes
137 Imaginary maps, global solidarities (ecxept from work-in-progress). Brian Holmes
141 in Serbia
    Architectures of control containment and information. World-information.Org
148 Hypertextual and psychogeographical. Ewen Chardronnet
152 The psychogeography of sounds. Natasa Petresin
160 Sound in hybrid space and virtual synesthesia. Jaanis Garancs
164 Phonic frequencies - Controlling sound and vision in connected space. Tomas Szakal, Wolfgang Strauss, Christoph Groenegress, Predrag Peranovic

183 Frees as in "media". Adam Hyde
198 Tactics of streaming. Interview with Micz Flor. Geert Lovink
199 Spaces of freedom and innovation. Jo Tacchi
204 A voice.North American aboriginal radio. Shane Breaker
208 Dan-c-ity: take he sound out of the net and make it public.
    Report of a streaming project from Bologna, Italy. Tiziano Bonini
214 1+1=3. Jhon Hpkins
222 The clandestine transmission of pirate Jenny. Anna Fritz
231 Micromusic nonstop. Mia Makela
234 Pocketnoise: Christoph Kummerer. Tilman Baumgaertel
239 Netsoundart for Tibetans , Chinese and Japanese. Wolf Kahlen
240 Sound, its relationship to the art disciplines and to the new technologies. The international     sound art festival in Mexico City. Manuel Rocha Iturbide
243 Kill the gringo in you//[k.o.]_lab. Alejo Duque
244 Sonic genoma manifesto. Alessandro Ludovico

249 [RT-32] - Acoustic space lab. Project Space Re-search Lab
265 Sensing space. Nina Czegledy
273 Spectrum ecology & conservation. Charles Osborne
278 Black holes - You'll never hear what sounds are inside. Francis Hunger
286 The mistery of auroral sounds. Unto K. Laine
288 Tide (Luke Jerram). The music of the spheres. Bob Evans
    Tide force. Mark Birkinshaw
    Anechoic chamber. Experiments of the physical urge - Strange invitations. Invisible forest. Interactive art.Matrix. Luke Jerram
300 Reseau/resonance - Connective processes and artistic prectice. Andreas Broeckmann
311 Seeking interaction, changing space. Atau Tanaka
315 Laptop music: experimental music? Kim Cascone
318 Space, navigable music. lab/au/
320 Progress - Tas ir minorā vai mažorā? Lauris Vorslavs, Girts Radzinš
322 Gas of latvia: [un]real time sound & text shows. Andžons, Jãnis Indãns